Thursday, October 29, 2015

Steampunk Zombie Vampire Hunter Ray Gun!

Okay, here it is, my Steampunk Zombie Vampire Hunter Ray Gun!  Inspired by this Pinterest pin.

It lights up and makes a blaster sound too!

Made from a toy pirate gun and a dollar store space blaster light up gun, glue, tape, wire and other bits and pieces.

I cut the pirate gun in half, cut the nozzle part off the blue gun (leaving the light intact), and glued, taped and wired them together, then spray painted gold, with copper and silver details, and antiqued with black.  I used gold colored aluminum wire from the floral craft section - it's really easy to bend - for the coil details.

The wire, and the copper slug and snail tape (from garden section), are useful to reinforce glued parts and add a bit of metal gleam.

Clear plastic "party cups" (shot glass size) from the dollar store created the "thermo-conductor-ionizer" chamber.  I used two cups nested inside each other and glued together for added strength and durability.

I kept the trigger mechanism electronics and light from the dollar store blaster so my ray gun lights up and makes a blaster sound!  I used the outside ring from a plastic jar lid (with the center cut out and painted to match gun - you could use a hose clamp instead, but I didn't have one big enough) to secure the party cup/thermo-condutor-ionizer chamber to the blaster.  The wire is wrapped around the gun and the chamber to add stability.  An additional coil connects the chamber to the pressure gauge.

I spray painted a lid copper and then pasted in a picture of an antique pressure gauge I found on the internet.  A lens from a plastic toy was added to make the gauge, which was then glued to the side of the gun.  A cap from a pen makes the perfect tip for my ray gun.  Random holes were either filled with glue and then painted over, or I glued a rivet cap over the hole.

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